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Hair Care Tips for Cooler Weather

From split ends to bad haircuts, we’ve all cried over our hair at one point or another. But the frigid winter months don’t have to leave a small trail of icicles down your cheek—in fact, maintaining a healthy hair routine this season is easy! So if you’re ready to lock down your luscious locks for the cold days to come, just follow these simple steps:

Dry Your Hair Before Going Outside

Going outside with damp hair will do nothing but backfire. Not only will it only make you feel colder (since we lose the majority of our body heat through the bottom of our feet and the top of our head), but you’re actually leaving your hair vulnerable to the elements, and thus, greater breakage. In particular, if your hair is still wet enough, it can freeze and weigh itself down, breaking off on its own. It’s better to dry your hair completely prior to stepping outside if you want to keep your cool while exposed to the cold!

Moisturize Weekly

By using a routine moisturizer or hair mask at least once a week, you’re ensuring your hair will stay smooth, resilient, and hydrated! We recommend using an oil-based moisturizer that will penetrate your hair more effectively, or even just a leave-in conditioner that will work in a long-lasting manner throughout the day. Plus, the more moisturized your hair is, the less static it will be subject to when you wear a hat or scarf!

Wash Your Hair… Less

As the air gets cooler, so, too, does it get drier. And drier hair means a drier, itchier scalp. But you can actually combat this by washing your hair with shampoo less frequently, as you’re helping your scalp retain its natural oils and your hair is less likely to get dried out and become fragile. And who can argue with a practice that both reduces dandruff and keeps you from feeling like you need to scratch all day long?

But if you’re ready to pamper yourself and protect your beauty from the cold air—both skin and hair!—then Hello Smooth is here to help you battle the blast of Winter. Just call us today to schedule a free consultation and be cool, be smooth, and be you!

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