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Healthy Eating During the Holidays

Looking and feeling your best is an important aspect to maintaining healthy self-esteem. These aspirations can be attainable goals in life, but just because something is attainable, doesn’t mean it is easy. That goes for all things worthwhile. What we eat has a tremendous effect on how our bodies look and feel. Just as they say, the way to the heart is through the stomach, food is a very emotional subject. So, with that being said, we are here to help you navigate the slippery slopes that arise during the upcoming holiday season with some helpful, healthy, holiday hacks!

Bring your own dish to the party! If you’re trying to stick to a diet during the holidays, or have any restrictions you have to adhere to, offer to bring your own dish to any functions to which you are invited. This strategy will benefit you on multiple levels! First of all, during the holidays, we all love variety! Second of all, I’m sure the host will appreciate your offering, and third, you will ensure you have something that you can eat when you’re there! It’s a win on all counts!

Here’s another tip: if you can’t help yourself, and you’ve GOT to go for the deserts… just eliminate one of the savory temptations you can have any time of year, and you’re good to go! For example: you love your Nana’s pumpkin pie. You only get it once a year. But you’re trying to be good, right? So, you should avoid all the sugar and carbs, right? Naw, go for it! Just try to limit some of the other tempting carbs that find their way onto the table. Minimize the mac and cheese, or cut back on the bread. I’d say Nana’s culinary contribution is better than bread, wouldn’t you. Just this once, maybe? It’s all about setting your priorities. You can handle that. It’s as easy as… well, PIE!

This next piece of advice is a big one. Don’t skip any meals. It will likely not do you any favors in the end, and will only make you more hungry when you do decide to indulge. Skipping meals can lower your blood sugar, making you cranky, unpleasant to be around, and more likely to overeat when the next meal does come along. So, do us all a favor, pace yourself and try to maintain some portion control. That will be your best friend in getting you through the holiday season! And while you’re at it, another trick you could try would be to eat your veggies first! It will help fill you up a little bit, and you will ensure that you got some good stuff in there, before the more indulgent eating begins.

Above all, don’t put too much pressure on yourself. All you have to do is take one meal at a time, and if you happen to “slip up”, your next feast is right around the corner, and it presents a new opportunity to pace yourself, make good choices, and eat some yummy food; all the while, feeling pretty good about yourself.

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