Sculptra® Aethetics

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    Sculptra Aesthetics Work Differently Than The Rest!

    Facial aging is typically caused by lost collagen in the skin. While most treatments simply treat the symptoms, and not the underlying cause, Sculptra Aesthetics uses FDA-approved injectables that actually replace the collagen that’s been lost over time. The effects are long-lasting, too. After treatment, you can enjoy the results for over two years.

    Real results that last!

    Not all facial treatments and injectables are created equal. There are many products on the market to help reduce lines in your face and get you smoother skin. However, Sculptra Aesthetics are clearly the best.

    Manufacturers of collagen cream promote their products stating the collagen is absorbed by the skin. Unfortunately, collagen molecules cannot penetrate deep down into the skin because they are simply too big. These treatments actually only help the skin retain moisture, which help the skin’s appearance only for a very brief period of time.

    Collagen supplements that are typically taken in pill form are said to work inside the body, bringing about smoother skin. Due to the fact that collagen is broken down within the body during digestion however, there hasn’t been any clear evidence that these treatments work, either.

    Other providers sometimes also use toxins on the skin, usually in the forehead, to reduce the appearance of frown lines. While this method does get results, they usually only last for one or two months.

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    How Does Sculptra® Aesthetic Work?

    The secret of Sculptra Aesthetic is a synthetic material known as poly-L-actic acid. It is biocompatible and biodegradable so it can gradually be absorbed by the body. During a number of treatments, this compound helps to replace the collagen that’s been lost.

    One of our trained specialists will inject the compound deep within the skin. This is where the collagen is that supports the structure of your skin. It does take some time to replace collagen that’s been lost. Several appointments are typically needed, but most people require only three. The number of appointments and injections used at each will depend on how much collagen needs to be replaced.

    Sculptra® Butt Injections

    Sculptra Aesthetic is not a filler – it is a biostimulator. What this means is that it stimulates your body to grow its own collagen. By stimulating this collagen rebirth, this leads to the increase in volume and projection of your derriere.

    Sculptra Aesthetic works by gradually improving the overall size and volume of your buttocks giving you a very natural look.  Sculptra can also be used to fill in dimples on the buttocks caused by cellulite so that a more smooth rear appearance is seen. Another area Sculptra Aesthetic can improve are those hip dips. Sculptra can help fill them in creating a more round and full buttocks shape.

    Unlike surgery, Sculptra buttock injections require NO downtime. Patients are free to work, travel, exercise and sit on your buttocks after receiving these injections.
    Additionally, here at Hello Smooth, our practitioners uses a numbing agent, lidocaine, that is mixed in with your Sculptra, so that during the procedure it is a guarantee of comfort while sculpting and growing the butt.  Most patients say they feel “a few small pinches” but thats all.

    Areas of Treatment

    • Full Face

    • Nasolabial Folds

    • Cheeks

    • Temple

    • Jawline

    • Chin

    • Neck

    • Buttocks

    Important Safety Information

    Sculptra Aesthetic is meant for people that have a healthy immune system and wish to remove deep or shallow facial wrinkles. This ensures the safety of the injections. Sculptra Aesthetic however, is not safe for everyone.

    Like any product, Sculptra Aesthetic is not safe to use for individuals that are allergic to any of the ingredients. Those with a history of keloid formation or hypertrophic scarring should not use Sculptra Aesthetic. Individuals that are under the age of 18, pregnant, lactating, or breastfeeding should also not use Sculptra Aesthetic, as the safety of use in these individuals has not yet been determined.

    When using Sculptra Aesthetics, it’s important you trust only a trained professional to deliver the treatment. This will prevent the treatment from being injected into blood vessels, which is very dangerous and could cause many vascular problems. Sculptra Aesthetics should also never be injected directly into the lips. Those with skin sores, cysts, pimples, rashes, infections, or hives should wait until they have fully healed before applying Sculptra Aesthetics into these areas.

    After treatment, patients may notice some side effects from Sculptra Aesthetics. The most common of these include swelling, tenderness, redness, pain, bruising, and bleeding at the injection site. Small lumps may form under the skin, although these are typically only noticeable if the treated area is pressed. Larger lumps have been known to occur, although these are rarer.

    * Results may vary based on individual program adherence

    What People Are Saying About Our SculptraⓇ Aesthetics


    * Results may vary based on individual program adherence

    Frequently Asked Questions

    1Which areas does Sculptra Aesthetic treat?
    Sculptra Aesthetics is intended to treat lines and wrinkles in the face. It is effective on both deep and shallow lines and is most commonly used in the deep folds between the nose and mouth, smile lines, lines around the mouth, and wrinkles in the chin.
    2How many treatments are required?
    Most patients require three sessions to achieve the desired results. These appointments will take place over the course of a few months. While this is typical, some patients may require more sessions, while some may need fewer treatments. The amount of injections at each appointment will vary depending on how much collagen has been lost, and the results that are seen.
    3Will I see results right away?
    The treatment provided by Sculptra Aesthetics works gradually. Over time, you will notice a difference, with some patients seeing slight results after just one or two sessions. Most individuals notice the most drastic results over a period of a few months, after receiving several sessions over that period of time.
    4Can I still wear makeup after treatment?
    Makeup should not be worn directly after treatment. However, when the procedure goes smoothly, makeup can be worn just hours after treatment.
    5Does Sculptra Aesthetics have any side effects?
    Being made with the same material found in dissolvable stitches, Sculptra Aesthetics is very safe to use. The most common side effects include slight pain, redness, bruising, itching, and bleeding at the injection site. Sometimes small and larger bumps have been known to appear. Anyone experiencing side effects after a Sculptra Aesthetics session should see their doctor.
    6Who can inject Sculptra Aesthetic?
    Sculptra Aesthetics should only be administered by a trained specialist that is licensed within their state to administer it. These specialists can include doctors, nurses, and nurse practitioners. Many treatment facilities also offer their own training program. Training includes teaching from an experienced Sculptra Aesthetic specialist and is always being improved upon as more trained specialists become interested in offering Sculptra Aesthetics to their patients. All of this training helps to optimize results for patients.
    7How much does Sculptra Aesthetic cost?
    The average treatment will cost between $1,500 and $3,500. However, there are many different factors that help determine the price. These factors include: the amount of collagen that’s been lost, specialist fees, and any discounts or promotions being offered at the time. While the cost of Sculptra Aesthetics may be higher than temporary solutions, the results will last much longer. After completing all sessions, you can continue to see effects for over two years.
    *Results may vary based on individual program adherence.
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