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Packing Necessities for Holiday Travels

As the holiday season rises to greet us, we often find ourselves in the position to travel in order to greet our own loved ones. And as the gift-giving season requires an abundance of gifts and strategic planning, sometimes packing can be the kind of hassle that involves extended periods of time where we stare down at an empty suitcase, just scratching our heads and trying to keep cool. If this sounds like you this month, what we recommend is starting with the necessities!

For instance, you won’t always be able to bring all of your gifts on the plane or in the car with you. Depending on what your holiday travels involve, you might need to wait to purchase big-ticket items until you reach your destination. For this reason, we recommend buying gift bags and tissue paper to travel with. As it all folds up flat, it can fit underneath all of your clothes, takes up virtually zero space in your suitcase, and eliminates the need for last-second gift-wrapping in the hotel room!

Additionally, don’t forget to grab your portable chargers! Nothing is worse than being stuck in a crowded terminal that’s simply teeming with fellow travelers and stressed airline representatives. Particularly when you need a moment of peace or a distraction while you wait to board, sometimes all you have to turn to is your phone or laptop, whose battery can drain faster than you can say “happy holidays!” Especially if your tech is your lifeline to researching restaurants, hotpots, gift-buying locations, or the weather, you can’t afford to leave the portable chargers at home. Talk about a modern necessity!

Finally, you’ll also want to be sure to pack your most versatile jewelry pieces. After all, holiday trips often involve spontaneity or unexpected dinner reservations, and you never quite know where you’ll end up. By packing accessories that can transition smoothly from a demure day outfit to an eccentric nighttime ensemble, you’re both saving space in your bag and saving yourself from the embarrassment of feeling as though you were inadequately prepared to look your best!

But before you pack, don’t forget to also attend to the health and comfort of your beautiful skin! Here at Hello Smooth, we want you to be cool, be smooth, and be you, no matter your destination! So give yourself the gift of self-care and call us today to schedule a free consultation before you find yourself on the go!

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