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Learn to LOVE yourself!

Coco Chanel once said, “Beauty begins the moment you decide to be yourself.”  These words go along way with us here at Hello Smooth.  We love our bodies, we love ourselves and we encourage you all to do the same.  We look forward to helping people everyday find “the moment” for themselves. 

Understanding that beauty from within will always shine through is the first and most important step of being YOU.  It’s easy to get caught up in all the drama that can find you when you’re just trying to get through your day.  But drama causes stress, and stress leads to other things, like premature aging and poor health.  Stay positive and don’t feed the beast.  Feed the part of your soul that puts a smile on your face when you get a few minutes to yourself early in the morning, or that curl in your toes when you’re stretching before bed.  It’s the little things that can take you a long way.

And know this; radiating positivity and love will undoubtedly give you the edge when it comes to feeling youthful and beautiful.  There is a difference between wearing a smile on your face and putting a smile on someone else’s.  Don’t be afraid to tell someone you like their outfit or their haircut.  A little compliment can pull someone out of a slump faster than a quart of their favorite ice cream.  Share your smile with them and see what it does for how you feel.

We have plenty of great deals going on throughout the summer, and there are special offers available for first timers too, so don’t hesitate to come by and see us at the office.  We’d love to see you, and hey–say hi if you see us out and about too.  Remember to love yourself and let that love be what you are.  Be Smooth.  Be Cool.  Be YOU!

FALL Skincare Tips Part 2

“Fall is in full effect (finally!) and we’re back with a few more seasonably sensible skin tips for you!  If you missed part 1 of our Fall Skin Care blog, you can find it here.  Now, on to the good stuff!

The return of Retinol

You may not see the sun as much as Summer becomes Fall, so it’s time to boost your Vitamin A uptake with some Retinol Skin Brightener 1% from our friends at ZO Skin Health.  Start off with a direct application to the skin twice a week (once every few days) that gradually increases to an every other night application will lead to a bevy of benefits to your skin’s appearance.  Fine line reduction, diminished dark spots and enhanced tone, texture and resiliency can be found just by adding Retinol to your regimen.

Love your lips

Your luscious lips are on the front lines when it comes to battling the elements of Fall and Winter.  Keeping your smackers safe and smooth through the cooler months is an essential part of keeping that seasonal smile on your face.  One of our favorite ways to accomplish our goals of smooth, kissable lips is Lip Benefits from Cosmedical Technologies.  This product is a treasure trove of aid for your lips!  Not only does it promote healthy lips by infusing essential vitamins and minerals, it also gives you a youthful boost with anti-aging, plumping properties as well!

Still need that SPF

Don’t think that just because the temperatures are a little friendlier that destructive UV rays are any less potent.  Make sure you are covering exposed skin with a superior skin protection product like ZO® Skin Health Daily Sheer Broad-Spectrum SPF.  This is one of our top choices for helping defend your skin (and ours!) against the early aging effects and skin cancer caused by dangerous UV rays as well as being water resistant and chock full of antioxidants that fight the good fight against free radicals.  We happily recommend this for virtually all skin types!

Listen to your skin

This is the most important tip we can offer you.  Your body will tell you what works and what does not, so pay attention to the signals it is sending you.  Everyone’s skin is different, so finding a personalized skin care routine for you and your skin is what we here at Hello Smooth are here to help you with.  We all want youthful looking, healthy skin.  With the right combination of high-quality skin products and educated choices on skin care options, together we can achieve the vibrant glow we’re looking for in the mirror every day.

Contact Hello Smooth anytime to set up a personal consultation with us to find your freshest face and smoothest skin potential.  Be Smooth.  Be Cool.  Be YOU!”

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