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“Shop Local!”

“Shop Local!”  By now, most of us have seen this phrase in shop windows around town, or heard it in passing.  It’s not a new concept, but it is a movement that has begun to push a little harder against the bigger box stores that dominate the landscape with huge warehouse-like brick and mortar storefronts.  What is the real impact of shopping local though?  Is it just another marketing tactic?  Does it make a real difference where you buy the products and services you need everyday?  Let’s take a look at some of the impacts of shopping local on your actual local economy.

First of all, shopping locally keeps money closer to home.  According to a recent study, shopping at local establishments puts almost $70 of every $100 right back into the local economy.  When you buy from corporate chain stores, it’s closer to $40 of every $100.  That is money that could be going to improving your neighborhood or community instead going to corporate execs.

Shopping local also creates jobs in your community.  Money that stays local can help pay police officers, firefighters, and teachers as well as other important jobs that would otherwise need to be paid for through other means–like increased taxes.  Speaking of taxes, when you shop local you help keep tax revenue close to home.  Buying online can lead to taxes going to better a community far away.

Suffice to say, Hello Smooth wouldn’t be around if it wasn’t for all of the fantastic neighbors and fellow small businesses that make our community so special.  We thank you all for letting us serve you and we love being able to provide each and every one of our clients the opportunity to build self-confidence and to uncover the outer beauty that matches the inner beauty inside each one of you.  So, Shop Local and always Be Cool, Be Smooth, and Be YOU!  

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