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Happy THANKS-giving!

Each year millions of Americans celebrate Thanksgiving with family and friends, usually sharing laughs and passing delicious food around to each other.  It is a time for mirth, merriment and overall feelings of graciousness surrounding your lot in life.  I mean, it’s right there in the name of the holiday:  THANKS-giving.

In the last 20 years or so, another seasonal holiday has begun to take root, and doesn’t exactly create those same feelings of familial love or the fraternal bonds of friendship.  Heck, it doesn’t even lean on basic human decency most of the time.  And like Thanksgiving, it has reference to its slightly sinister nature right in the name:  BLACK FRIDAY.

For decades, the day after Thanksgiving has evolved from a ceremonial first “official” day to begin early holiday shopping into a full-blown human stampede to snap up an extremely limited supply of highly sought after electronics and toys whilst also fighting off your fellow humans tooth and nail: a true testament to the previous day’s joy and feasting.

The good news for you is that we here at Hello Smooth would like to give you an opportunity to enjoy the benefits of a Black Friday special without the rough and tumble fight against hours waiting in line and having to elbow your way to a checkout counter.  We have a pair of services that will keep that smile on your face long after the afterglow of a full belly of Thanksgiving vittles has worn off.

Everyone loves #BOGO deals, but BOGO isn’t good enough for a Black Friday deal from Hello Smooth.  So instead, we are offering our fabulous Laser Hair Removal services to you with a buy one area, get TWO area free deal!  That’s right, laser away the troublesome, unsightly hairs in one area and you can get two other areas permanently freed of unwanted body hair as well!

So this year, after you’ve enjoyed another delicious Thanksgiving meal, instead of running out the door to be first in line for another flat screen television, spend your Black Friday in the relaxing comfort of your home knowing you’ll still be getting some of the best deals Black Friday has to offer.  Give Hello Smooth a call or visit us online at to take advantage of these great specials and always remember: Be Cool. Be Smooth. Be You!

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