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Making 2019 your best year yet!

As fast as everything has been moving in 2019 thus far, it seems like we were finalizing our 2019 New Year’s resolutions ages ago at this point. Here we are, hurtling along through February with signs of Spring already in the air and we’re still playing catch-up with real life….again. Well the team here at Hello Smooth told you we would be here to help you make this year your best year yet, so let’s kick off our monthly series of turning 2019 up to 100 with a thing virtually anyone can do AND can benefit from: Owning the day with daily planning.

Let’s face it — just trying to make it through a Tuesday can be daunting sometimes. From stretching budgets a few more days to finding time to get to new contacts and also making 16 snack bags for softball practice can add up to a heap of stress and burning the candles at both ends AND in the middle. There is a very simple yet effective method of alleviating much of the daily stress in your life: Make a list of what you want to accomplish for yourself each day.

The benefits of making a list could fill….well…a list. Trying to manage all of your daily activities can be daunting without any game plan. As soon as you begin making a list of what you want to accomplish each day, you’ll find that you can understand what your schedule will actually allow for as well as make it easier for your to accomplish your chosen goals. Constantly trying to do too much everyday can leave you feeling like you didn’t get anything meaningful accomplished at all. Making a list can give you more control over those daily expectations, and also give you confidence that you can actually accomplish goals that you set for yourself within reason.

You can experiment with your personal to-do list to best tailor it to your own way of getting things done. If a handwritten list you can check off works better than reminders set in your smartphone, then keep that pen and paper handy. You will find positive self-motivation as you see just how much you are actually getting done each day. You’ll also find that your time management skills will also benefit greatly from putting this tactic into practice.

Check out our Hello Smooth blog again next time as we’ll keep looking for ways to help you make 2019 your best year yet. Until then, here is our list for you to look in the mirror and check off:

  1. Be Smooth
  2. Be Cool
  3. Be YOU!
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