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Give Your Skin the TLC It Deserves

March is here and even if it hasn’t exactly brought the Spring temperatures along with it yet, the time for rejuvenation in nature is at hand.  There is no reason to put off getting the skin you are in ready for the coming call of warmer days at the beach and more trips out in the decadent sunshine of Spring in the south.  Here are a few simple tips from your friends at Hello Smooth to help get you started on the path to smooth, happy and healthy skin for Spring!

Be mindful of what you consume.

You know already that a healthy diet is important when it comes to creating and maintaining a healthy lifestyle.  What you choose to put into your body has a direct effect on the way you look and feel.  But how often do you consider what you shouldn’t be putting in there?  We crave our morning macchiatos, afternoon Americanos and evening expressos just like you do, but too much caffeine is bad for your health in many ways, including being bad for your skin.

Those boots are made for walking.

Exercise is another important factor when it comes to better overall skin health.  Getting your blood pumping gets various nutrients and oxygen to the cells in your body, including skin cells.  It also helps your body flush out various cellular debris like free radicals.  Another benefit of exercise is stress reduction, which also helps combat the negative effects on your skin associated with stress.

Sweet dreams, sweetheart.

Now that we’ve eaten well, drank plenty of fluids and exercised, it’s time for one of our favorite ways to enhance our skin health: getting our beauty sleep 🙂  Getting proper sleep allows your mind and body to recuperate from a long day of work and responsibilities.  Without enough useful sleep each night, you are leaving yourself open to a myriad of potential health issues, including puffy faces and tired eyes.  Make sure you work as hard at getting a good night’s sleep as you do kicking butt all day long!

Hello Smooth knows what it takes to give you and your skin the TLC you deserve.  Schedule a consultation today and see how we can help you achieve the beautiful skin you’re looking for.  We have top shelf service and state-of-the-art technology to help you today.  Be Smooth.  Be Cool.  Be YOU!

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