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FALLing Into Self-Care!

With the official arrival of Fall comes the official time of year where you’re allowed to splurge on certain guilty pleasures. Whether it’s your annual pumpkin-spiced latte or your penchant for wearing slightly heavier jackets than the weather actually merits (neither of which deserve any shame, by the way!), as we experience the onset of the cooler climate and spiced air, it’s nearly impossible not to smile to yourself and indulge. And why shouldn’t you? It’s one of the most refreshing times of the year, which means it’s time to fall into self-care!

For instance, it’s the perfect time of year to fall in love with seasonal herbal teas. From pumpkin teas to spice blends to the general warmth of your favorite mug, teas will provide the perfect moment of quiet, autumnal solace all while hydrating you and helping you to keep your skin clear and refreshed. Pair it with a cozy blanket and your favorite movie, and you have the perfect at-home personal day!

Alternatively, if you’re ready to ditch your bed and enjoy the seemingly rare and glorious Florida cool fronts, you can be smooth and be cool by taking some me-time on a nature walk! Nothing says “self-care” quite like enjoying the fresh, crisp air while out on the local nature trails or feeling the white sand beneath your toes on the beach, especially when the sun is a welcome source of warmth, rather than a scalding fixture in the sky!

Of course, regardless as to whether you define your self-care by indoor or outdoor standards, here at Hello Smooth, we are all about ensuring you feel your best this season. In fact, if you’re interested in incorporating a beautifying element to your self-care, be sure to stop by for a free consultation and $100 off if you’re a new client! The end of summer has never felt so right, and Hello Smooth wants you to fall in love being cool, being smooth, and being… you! Call us today to set up an appointment!

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