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Does Laser Hair Removal Hurt?!

Does Laser Hair Removal hurt? … And other common questions answered!

Does laser hair removal hurt?” It’s one of the most common questions we get asked. We’re all a little nervous when it comes to the unknown. And most people don’t know very much about laser hair removal.

Some of the most commonly asked laser hair removal questions that we receive are:

“Does laser hair removal hurt?”

“Will it damage my skin?”

“How long does it take?”

Although each person has a different pain tolerance, most people find the laser hair removal tolerable. Most people compare the sensation to a “quick snap of a rubberband” and feel a warm sensation on the skin. So, does laser hair removal hurt? For most people, no. For some people, a little…but we’ve got numbing cream for them! 😉

As far as side effects to the skin, there’s a little bit of redness, but it’s very minimal and usually gone within 30 minutes.

Laser hair removal is quick and easy! The typical treatment on a larger area (legs, chest, back) takes less than 30 minutes. Small areas take under 5 minutes!

Quick, easy and a great permanent result. 🙂

Now that your fear of the unknown has been conquered, call today to set up your free evaluation! Goodbye unwanted hair, HELLO SMOOTH!

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