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Shopping for Laser Hair Removal

Navigating the waters of and shopping for laser hair removal can be very overwhelming!

The internet provides endless amounts of information and it seems lately, that every Med Spa, plastic surgeon and doctor are now offering laser hair removal. As experts in the industry, we’ve compiled a list of the top 3 things to look for when shopping for laser hair removal.

1. Equipment

One of the most important factors to achieving your desired result, is to make sure you are being treated on the correct machine. The ideal combination is for your clinic to have an Alexandrite Laser (FDA approved for lighter skin types) and an ND:Yag Laser (FDA approved for darker skin types). We own both of these lasers from the Lutronic. Many clinics will just purchase the ND:Yag and treat all patients on it; but this is not ideal for lighter skin types.

The most common machine used in most clinics is an “IPL” or intense pulsed light. This is a light based machine that does many skin treatments and photo-facials and is commonly used for laser hair removal too. The problem is that the IPL is not a laser, but a light based machine. It is not strong enough to eliminate the hair completely and will often result in temporary hair loss and eventual regrowth.

2. Experience of your Treatment Provider

Probably the second, if not equal, factor to seeing great results, is the experience of your laser hair removal provider. Make sure you ask: “How long has MY provider been doing laser hair removal treatments?” You can have the correct laser, but without proper experience and use of advanced laser settings, you will not achieve optimal hair loss. Shopping around for laser hair removal and not asking this questions is a big NO NO!

Pilar, our nurse practitioner at Hello Smooth, has been doing laser hair removal treatments for 10 years. She is extremely knowledgeable and has successfully treated thousands of guests.

3. Cost 

The third factor, and one of the most common ways of shopping for laser hair removal, is cost. You will find in your research that the price of laser hair removal varies significantly – mostly due to the above factors.

At Hello Smooth we pride ourselves on quality treatments, by a seasoned professional, at an affordable price point. As a local business supporting our community, we strive to make professional laser hair removal accessible to everyone.

So there you have it! Happy shopping!

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