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Shaving vs Laser Hair Removal

What exactly is shaving costing you? Time? Money? YOUR SANITY?? Who wins in the shaving vs laser hair removal battle?

So here we go.. Shaving vs Laser Hair Removal:

Let us assume that you started shaving at 13 years old and you will continue shaving until you are 60. You shave 4 times a week, spending about 15 minutes shaving each time.

That’s 47 years of shaving.  Yikes.

That’s 9,776 times that you will shave in your life. Oh my.

That’s 102 days spent shaving over a lifetime. That’s a quarter of a year!

Now if you spend $20 on razors each month (that’s 3 razors a month) and you shave from 13 years old to 60 years old, you’ll have spent $8880! And I know a large portion of women use a new razor each shave.. so this is a low estimate for a lot of you!

Now the good news..

The average total cost of laser hair removal on the legs is $2500 – $3000…. you save over $6000 and 102 days of your time.

And the winner in Shaving vs Laser Hair LHR!!

So ladies and gents, do yourself a favor and CONTACT US TODAY for your custom leg, bikini, back, underarm or facial area quote! You won’t regret it. 🙂

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