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What makes CoolPeel “Cooler” than other Laser Resurfacing Treatments?

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Laser Skin Resurfacing has become a popular procedure for treating signs of sun damage, aging, scars, fine lines and more. The results are usually quite profound, but the recovery process is not for everyone. That’s why we’re so excited to now introduce the SmartXide Tetra CO2 Laser, the only CO2 laser offering CoolPeel!

About CO2 Laser Resurfacing:

CO2 Laser Resurfacing uses pulses of laser light that penetrate the skin’s surface. When this happens, the upper layer of the skin (epidermis) is vaporized and stripped away. The dermis, or middle layer, heats up stimulating the growth of new collagen fibers. As the area heals, new firmer and smoother skin replaces the old layers.

Adjusted to higher settings, CO2 Laser Resurfacing can be a powerful treatment for aging skin, helping with skin tightening and deep wrinkles. These treatments offer dramatic results but also involve lingering heat that can lead to longer downtime while the skin heals.

So, what makes CoolPeel so “Cool”?

CoolPeel CO2 laser treatments deliver high energy in extremely short pulses resulting in a fractional ablative treatment! This is incredible because without the lingering heat, clients don’t have to experience the downtime associated with traditional Laser Resurfacing. Immediately after the CoolPeel treatment, most patients are red for a day but don’t have to change their social plans or work activities.

Additionally, CoolPeel treatments are comfortable and well tolerated. Most patients do not require a topical anesthetic but we offer that if it’s wanted. The treatment is also very fast, a full face treatment taking only 5-10 minutes!

Visual showing the healing process and how redness subsides after day 3

Check out some of the amazing before and after images below and call or visit our online booking portal to Book a FREE Consultation and find out if CoolPeel is right for you!

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