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Team Hair or Team No Hair?

‘Tis the season for Team Spirit! Everyone is touting their most beloved Jerseys of their college days and hometown heroes. Come Saturday and Sunday, fans unite and colleagues find friendly competition in America’s most celebrated sport, Football. But let’s talk about the real rivalry going on, Team Smooth vs. Team Stubble! With summer gradually coming to an end, we begin to turn down the dial on our body hair maintenance. Why bother to get rid of that stubble when you can just hide it in your favorite pair of sweatpants? Well, Team Smooth is here to recruit you to join our side. There’s no better feeling than to be on the winning team of SMOOTH, SEXY and STUBBLE FREE legs! So, with the 2016-2017 season in its primal stage, let’s look at some of last year’s stats. Team Smooth’s MVP, SMOOTH LEGS, swept the category of “Most Total Head Turns” last season. Team Smooth’s defense was impeccable in stopping Team Stubble’s QB, “Stubble Sam”, more than any other team in the entire season! Not to mention the fact that we took home the title in the Little Black Dress Bowl, winning the “Most Confidence” award.

When it comes to confidence, Team Smooth takes the cake! So, don’t be on the losing side this fall, get the SMOOTHEST LEGS in town with Team Smooth! All you have to do is call Hello Smooth to schedule your Laser Hair Removal appointment, and the rest (of your hair) is history. Who knows, maybe you’ll be our next Team Smooth MVP!

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