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One Simple Tip to a Healthier You

If you are looking for a great way to kick off your quest for a healthier you in 2019, the first thing you should do is pour yourself a nice tall, cool glass of water and take a drink. Then another. And when you get done with that glass, go ahead and pour yourself another. What we are trying to say is, jump start your resolve this year with plenty of hydration in its most readily available and natural form…DRINK MORE WATER!

You wouldn’t think there is a single thing you could do that could be so easy and so beneficial in so many ways to your overall health and beauty, but there is. Drinking water every day is an absolute MUST! Want skin that is more radiant and fresher looking? Step one is proper hydration. Drinking plenty of water everyday (along with proper exfoliation and moisturizing) helps keep your skin soft and supple. If you don’t maintain your skin, it can become dry and irritated.

Another excellent benefit of drinking water throughout the day is to help curb a cranky appetite. Nobody likes to be hangry all day, especially if you’re on a mission to get in better shape. Don’t undermine your own weight-loss efforts by compromising your willpower. Drink water before a meal or snack to trick your appetite into feeling fuller before you even start eating. This can help you make it through until your next, more satisfying meal without the added empty calories of a mini snack cake or small bag of candy.

When you don’t hydrate properly, your whole body suffers. Headaches and sore muscles, dry, irritated skin. Even your hair will reflect the fact that you are not drinking enough water every day. That is why drinking more water every day is truly an easy-peasy way to help yourself along in your journey to a better, healthier and happier YOU! Carry a water bottle with you and keep yourself cool and clean this year. Be Smooth. Be Cool. Be YOU!

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