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Get Rid of the Summer Time Blues

Despite the heat and humidity, summertime still brings back all the feels.  When we were kids, summer signified a break from the weekly grind of school, a chance to really get out and enjoy the freedom of being young and full of energy. In adulthood, the reality of work and personal responsibilities have fundamentally changed our perspective of summertime, and the nostalgia of all the good times we had as kids has us looking for ways to recapture the joys of our youth. It just so happens your friends at Hello Smooth have a few ideas to help you get rid of the summertime blues!

One of the main differences between young us and uh …”more mature” us is how we perceive time. Kids are quick to sing “I’m bored” when given free time, while adults are more apt to say “I’m happy” when offered a few minutes of personal time. The difference of course is perspective. As adults, we have more perspective on the value of having personal time available. The problem is, most of us have much less personal time available now than we did when we were younger. The key is making the most out of the personal time you have available.

If you are looking for something to help you get back some of that joy you had as a kid, it can be as simple as making a list. Think about the things that made you happy as a kid, and write a few things down. Think about high school and write down a few more, and then maybe some of the things you did between high school and your first job. Playing in the sprinkler in the backyard, making a mixtape (or cd, or a Spotify playlist), even having a sleepover can really help you reset.

After you’ve written down a nice little retrospective of the things that have made you smile over the course of your life, it’s time to do some of those things. In fact, challenge yourself to do ALL the things on your list. Play with Legos, watch all the Harry Potter movies, yes, even catch some leaves as they fall off trees and see how many you can catch in a row. Yes some of the things on your list will be silly, but that is not the point. The point is to remember that you know how to enjoy yourself when given the opportunity, and that, friends, is what life is all about. Before summer is over, find your reset button and press it. Be Smooth. Be Cool. Be YOU!

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