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Smoothing Out Your Dry Weather Skin Concerns

It’s the spookiest time of year for your skin, but you don’t have to fear!  The temperatures are getting cooler (yay!) and the air is getting drier (also yay!) and as great as this sounds in general, it can be terrifying news for your skin.  Lucky for you, your Hello Smooth team has some tips for you to keep your skin soft and smooth all year long.

First things first, let’s keep it OG and enjoy some of the harvest-time foods that Mother Nature’s bounty has given us.  Most of us wouldn’t turn away anything pumpkin spiced this time of year, but actually incorporating some pumpkin into your diet can give you a boost of skin-friendly antioxidants.  If you are already all pumpkined out this year, then swap in more servings of high antioxidant blueberries and cranberries, or even pomegranates make excellent boosters for your skin health.

Another good shift in skin care for the cooler months is swapping out your daily lotion plan for a cream routine.  Lotions help keep us moisturized in the warmer months but when the cooler, drier air of fall and winter are around, it’s a better option for your skin to go with a cream instead.  The thicker formulas that creams provide help ward off dry skin and give you the extra layer of moisturization that lotions do not.

Cooler temperatures also let us rock the other half of our wardrobe.  While style is ALWAYS a key component to being the smoothest, coolest you that you can be, we need to be cognizant of what certain fabrics do to our skin during the cooler months.  Also, pay special attention to what kinds of detergents you are using. Dyes and fragrances added to your detergent can add irritation to your skin. Unscented doesn’t mean the same thing as fragrance-free.  

Follow these helpful tips and you can rest easier knowing that irritation and inflammation won’t be haunting your skin this year.  Hello Smooth is always here to help you Be Smooth, Be Cool and Be YOU!

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