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Fall Skin Tips

In our last blog, we discussed some of our fall specials for our in-office treatments. We’re back with some more helpful tips for you and your skin to get ready for fall that you can do at home every day!

In the summertime when the weather is hotter than Hades here in Northeast Florida, we tend to shy away from coating our skin in much more than moisturizer and sunblock, or a combination of the two. Now that the glorious, sweaty sheen is not as difficult to overcome once the temperatures start to get more autumnal, we suggest adding body lotion to your skin care schematic. Adding a good body lotion to your mix can really help fight the itchiness that drier skin can bring with changing temperatures.

Speaking of moisturizers, it’s also the time of year to get a moisturizer with a little more heft–and that heft is found in the form of a boost in fatty essential acids, like ceramides. Look for heavier, creamier moisturizers to give you the skin you’re happy to live in when you are wearing your fall/winter styles.

Of course, no list of great skin care secrets is complete without the tried and true top-notch solution to so many hydration problems–Drink. More. Water. Drinking water regularly throughout the day can help your body beyond just helping you clear up your dry skin, so the highlights of this particular nugget are many. Get yourself a good water bottle and make it your best friend.

Keep these tips in mind this fall and come see your friends at Hello Smooth. We’ll help you find the peace of mind to love living in the skin you’re in. Be Smooth. Be Cool. Be YOU!

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