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Bikini Season Is Nearly Over, But That’s No Reason To Postpone Laser Hair Removal

As summer begins to lose its luster and ushers in cooler weather, the appeal of the beach may be fading.  However, we’re here to argue that beach season is just beginning!  The kids are back in school and less likely to be at the beach, the throngs of tourists are no longer taking up all of the best spots on the beach, and parking is a breeze now.

And let’s be honest with ourselves: we don’t live in northern Minnesota.  We are lucky enough to live in a part of the country that seldom sees more than a week or two of freezing temperatures per annum, so thinking that we’re going to be hiding our hard work behind layers of coats, sweaters and long underwear is a joke.

Suffice to say, this is the PERFECT time to show off that tan and those smooth, silky legs.  Legs not looking so smooth?  Relax, we have the remedy.  Laser hair removal affords you the opportunity to say goodbye to blades forever.  Not only that, but the smoothness is unparalleled.

There’s no good reason not to make smooth, beautiful skin a priority this fall so you can enjoy the privilege of calling Northeast Florida home to its fullest.  Whether it’s enjoying some late season gardening, an early autumn game of tennis or you just plan on being at the beach until the sun goes down every day, Hello Smooth has the treatment that is just right for you.  Call us or come see us today and make us your solution for a smoother you.

Goodbye unwanted hair, HELLO SMOOTH!


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Happy Holidays!

We will be closing for the holidays from December 20th – January 2nd.

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