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Spring is FINALLY here!

Spring is in full swing, and there are lots of brides-to-be out there getting ready to celebrate their special day.  And while most will be eating healthier to fit into the dress of their dreams, you may not be aware that the foods you eat do more than just affect your waistline.  Healthy, energy packed foods can also do wonders for luminously luscious skin and getting the glow you want for your wedding day.  Here is a short list of snacks that can hit the spot when cravings come on strong while also helping you get a beautiful shine in your skin.

 Salmon is already a deliciously healthy choice when it comes to protein and rich omega-3 fats, but adding a serving or two of this to your diet plan can also do wonderful things for your skin as well.  Also get baked as a choice, not fried.  Fried foods are pore-clogging monstrosities (no matter how decadently delicious they may be) so choose a nice baked option, and your skin will show the results of your health conscious decision making.

 Olive Oil is proof that not all cooking oils are created equally.  Fat is usually considered a dirty word when it comes to what most people consider to be healthy.  But there are beneficial fats (like the omega-3 fats in salmon) and olive oil is rich in monounsaturated fatty acids, or MUFAs.  MUFAs are a better option than PUFAs (polyunsaturated fatty acids, of course) when it comes to general health as well.  Research has also shown promising benefits to fight the effects of aging on skin, so embrace your inner Mediterranean self and dive in!

 Sunflower seeds can be great in a quick pinch, especially when you’re really wanting a snack but don’t have time to eat a proper meal.  A handful of perfectly roasted sunflower seeds can give you a real Vitamin E boost, and the antioxidants found within them can go do a number on skin aging free radicals.  Grab a few for snack time, or sprinkle some on a spinach salad for a formidable Vitamin E & C 1-2 punch!

There are lots of other thing you can do to look and feel your best this summer, whether you are the bride or the bridesmaid.  Come by and see us at Hello Smooth for more tips and information on what services we have that can help you bring your inner beauty out.  Above all else, always remember:  Be Smooth.  Be Cool.  Be YOU!”

Be in LOVE with yourself!

Looking in the mirror when we get up to start our day is something we all do.  Looking at our reflection each day gives us a glimpse at what we are outwardly projecting for the other people to see when they meet us.  Make-up, eyebrows, lips and hair – all the the things we do to make ourselves look presentable for general social interaction.  But do you ever really take time to reflect on ourselves when we’re rushing through our daily routine?

The face you see staring back at you before the primping and polishing is a truer image of yourself, and this is where we try to hide inadequacies and enhance strengths.  It’s a constant effort to say the least.  But getting yourself feeling as good as you look is more than just moisturizing and exfoliating.  It takes work, both physically and mentally.  A fit body works better with a fit mind as a partner.

Like any great quest, it takes a concentrated effort to find a balanced happiness between body and mind.  Looking for time to reflect and rejuvenate is not the easiest thing for most of us to do, between work and family obligations, but the benefits are worth the reshaping of your schedule.  Meditation and yoga can help you line up your peace of mind and tone your body, and can be done just about anywhere you can lay your mat down. 

Healthy eating is another key component to aligning your inner and outer beauty.  Your body will appreciate the concentrated effort you put in with the health conscious choices you make with your diet.  From your skin and fingernails to your hair and waistline, the benefits of a healthy diet are many, and the way you feel about how you look will be worth the efforts!

All of this boils down to you and your personal happiness.  Ultimately, how you look on the outside will only be amplified by how you feel on the inside.  You can feel better if you are willing to do what so many people aren’t willing to do: evolve.  Take pride in yourself and dig deep, you’ve got it in you to be the best you you can be.  Be Smooth.  Be Cool.  Be YOU! 

FALL Skincare Tips Part 2

“Fall is in full effect (finally!) and we’re back with a few more seasonably sensible skin tips for you!  If you missed part 1 of our Fall Skin Care blog, you can find it here.  Now, on to the good stuff!

The return of Retinol

You may not see the sun as much as Summer becomes Fall, so it’s time to boost your Vitamin A uptake with some Retinol Skin Brightener 1% from our friends at ZO Skin Health.  Start off with a direct application to the skin twice a week (once every few days) that gradually increases to an every other night application will lead to a bevy of benefits to your skin’s appearance.  Fine line reduction, diminished dark spots and enhanced tone, texture and resiliency can be found just by adding Retinol to your regimen.

Love your lips

Your luscious lips are on the front lines when it comes to battling the elements of Fall and Winter.  Keeping your smackers safe and smooth through the cooler months is an essential part of keeping that seasonal smile on your face.  One of our favorite ways to accomplish our goals of smooth, kissable lips is Lip Benefits from Cosmedical Technologies.  This product is a treasure trove of aid for your lips!  Not only does it promote healthy lips by infusing essential vitamins and minerals, it also gives you a youthful boost with anti-aging, plumping properties as well!

Still need that SPF

Don’t think that just because the temperatures are a little friendlier that destructive UV rays are any less potent.  Make sure you are covering exposed skin with a superior skin protection product like ZO® Skin Health Daily Sheer Broad-Spectrum SPF.  This is one of our top choices for helping defend your skin (and ours!) against the early aging effects and skin cancer caused by dangerous UV rays as well as being water resistant and chock full of antioxidants that fight the good fight against free radicals.  We happily recommend this for virtually all skin types!

Listen to your skin

This is the most important tip we can offer you.  Your body will tell you what works and what does not, so pay attention to the signals it is sending you.  Everyone’s skin is different, so finding a personalized skin care routine for you and your skin is what we here at Hello Smooth are here to help you with.  We all want youthful looking, healthy skin.  With the right combination of high-quality skin products and educated choices on skin care options, together we can achieve the vibrant glow we’re looking for in the mirror every day.

Contact Hello Smooth anytime to set up a personal consultation with us to find your freshest face and smoothest skin potential.  Be Smooth.  Be Cool.  Be YOU!”

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