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Tips for a SMOOTH Laser Hair Removal experience!

It’s that time of year when most of us start getting ready for two things: getting the kids back to school and getting ready for tailgate season. Between all the shopping, prepping, running around and parking lot shenanigans, it can leave you little to no time to constantly shave or wax your way to your smoothest self. And if you know Hello Smooth, you know we want to help you be as smooth and cool as can be!

To show you how much we want to help you get as smooth as you can this fall, your Hello Smooth team is going to give you something else to look forward to besides getting the kids out of the house and pre-game grilling and chilling: with up to 70% off Laser Hair Removal treatments! That’s right, you can get the full enjoyment of a smooth, permanent solution to unwanted body hair for just a fraction of the regular cost! Before you come in and see us, take a look at these tips for getting the best results from your Laser Hair Removal treatment.

1. Hair color. When it comes to Laser Hair Removal, hair color matters. Laser Hair Removal is best for dark hair. The hair follicles need pigment for the laser to see them as a target. Laser Hair removal does not work on blonde or gray hairs as there is not enough pigment in the hairs for the laser to recognize it. So, Laser Hair Removal is great for those darker hairs but not so great for peach fuzz.

2. Shave before your treatment. Shave your hair the night before your appointment, or preferably the morning of your appointment. The energy needed to travel down the hair shaft and wound the follicle is diminished if there is external hair. So, shave as close to your appointment as possible.

3. Be gentle. Stop plucking, waxing, threading, bleaching or use of depilatory devices – these methods pull out the hairs with the follicles, so then they are no longer under the skin for the laser to see them and kill them.

4. Stick to the recommended schedule. Stay on track for the recommended time intervals in-between treatments. These are important because we need to catch the hairs in a certain phase of growth in order to achieve optimal results.

5. Avoid tanning. Yikes…I know we live in sunny Jacksonville FL and it is tempting to spend more time in the sun, but tanning can cause serious problems, especially hypo-pigmentation. Try to avoid the sun, sun tan lotions and tanning beds as much as possible during your treatments.

Now is the perfect time to take care of unwanted body hair!  Call Hello Smooth today at (904) 342-2383 or visit us online at to schedule your FREE consultation to take advantage of up to 70% off Laser Hair Removal.  Hello Smooth is always ready to help you Be Smooth, Be Cool and Be YOU!

MEN love to be SMOOTH too!

Hello Smooth is all about helping you find the joy of loving the skin you’re in. It’s always been a goal of ours to help every person who comes through our doors to enjoy themselves more and really just find happiness being comfortable with their bodies. Most of the time, the people we get to help are women, but we’ve got plenty of things to offer the men who want to feel better about their bodies. In fact, we’ve put together some great offers for the guys to help them put some Smooth in their swagger!

Being a burly man doesn’t mean you need to have more body hair than Sasquatch. Sure, beards and chest hair can definitely be attractive on a man, but hair on your back shoulders and neck? Not exactly the sexiest look. Trying to keep those areas clean and neat can be a challenge for most men, but not if you get those areas treated with Laser Hair Removal! Our professionally trained staff can tidy up the problem areas on your body with ease! And right now you can come in to Hello Smooth and get up to 70% off your treatment. Ditch the razor and embrace your Smooth with our laser!

At Hello Smooth, we can’t turn back the clock on Father Time, but we can help you cover his tracks. Crows feet, frown lines and more can be greatly reduced with our Botox® or Dysport® treatments. Come in right now and we can give you back some of that smoothness you’ve been missing with treatments starting at only $9 or $3.50 a unit!

Fellas, you don’t have to feel left out when it comes to rediscovering your swagger. Let Hello Smooth help you get your swag back. Nothing says smooth like a confident man who knows he still has it. Don’t wait guys. Come in to Hello Smooth right now and treat yourself to something special. Be Smooth. Be Cool. Be YOU!

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