Laser Skin Resurfacing

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    Laser MD Ultra- Laser Skin Resurfacing

    LaseMD Ultra by Lutronic is an exciting new form of laser skin treatment that is completely different than anything you have tried in the past. With all-over rejuvenation and a beautiful and bright complexion, you may think it doesn’t get any better, until you also learn there is minimal downtime involved. With this customizable service, you’ll get great results every time, regardless of your age or skin type. At Hello Smooth Med Spa, we are always at the forefront of the latest in cosmetic technology, and that certainly includes LaseMD Ultra. If you want better-looking skin now, call us today!

    What is LaseMD Ultra?

    What is LaseMD Ultra?

    LaseMD Ultra is a non-abrasive laser treatment that relies on gentle heat to focus on the water molecules in the skin and promote collagen growth without damaging the skin.  The water in the skin will quickly absorb the 1927nm wavelength, something that very few devices on the market use. The LaseMD Ulra resurfaces the skin in the epidermis and dermis and targets water instead of pigment, resulting in a more even treatment. The LaseMD Ultra Non-Fractional Laser is a state-of-the-art laser treatment for pores, fine lines, wrinkles, hyper-pigmentation, sun damage, and general skin rejuvenation.  For patients that want visible results without a long recovery time, this innovative device is becoming increasingly popular.

    The LaseMD Ultra is customized so it can provide the exact right intensity for the patient’s skin type and concerns. The laser treatment can provide just a mild resurfacing, or take a more aggressive approach. At times, topical anesthetic and cooling agents are used, but patients are always kept perfectly comfortable and may only feel a little warmth as the laser penetrates the skin.

    How Does LaseMD Ultra Help?

    LaseMD Ultra is an extremely versatile treatment that can help with a number of different skin concerns and conditions on ALL skin types and all year round with little to no downtime. These include:
    • Melasma

    • Hyperpigmentation

    • Acne scars

    • Enlarged pores

    • Superficial wrinkles and lines

    • Age spots

    • Sun damage

    • Sagging skin

    • Uneven skin texture

    • Uneven skin tone

    • Actinic keratosis

    Who Can Use LaseMD Ultra?

    Just about anyone is a great candidate for LaserMD Ultra. The treatment offers a highly customized treatment to meet the needs of everyone, regardless of their age or skin type. Some people explore LaseMD Ultra because the treatments they used in the past are no longer working for them. Others simply want better-looking skin for a big event, while others still just want to take their beauty routine to the next level. Here at Hello Smooth we may combine it with other treatments to give you optimal results or recommend it as a stand alone treatment. We will always listen to your needs and goals and help you determine if the treatment is right for you.

    What is the Recovery Time After Treatment?

    There is very little downtime after a LaseMD Ultra treatment. The majority of patients are able to continue on with their daily routine immediately following the treatment. It is not uncommon for patients to experience rougher skin that is mildly red in the first few days following treatment, and the skin may be more sensitive to sunlight. The debris and pigment on the skin may also begin to flake, which only means the treatment is working. Our knowledgeable staff will always provide you with aftercare instructions that will ensure optimal results while also protecting your skin.

    * Results may vary based on individual program adherence

    When Will I See Results?

    On average, patients start seeing results after three sessions of treatment, which typically take place over three months. Due to the increased production of collagen, the results will continue to improve after that time. Some patients opt for a follow-up treatment after their initial three treatments, as this can freshen the complexion and keep skin looking its best.

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    If you suffer from uneven skin texture or tone, acne scars, or other skin conditions and issues, it is important to know there is treatment available. Call us today to book your appointment and to speak to one of our trained technicians to learn more.

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    * Results may vary based on individual program adherence

    *Results may vary based on individual program adherence.
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