Plastic Surgeon In Winnipeg

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Plastic Surgeon In Winnipeg

Visage is a leading cosmetic clinic in Winnipeg with hundreds of positive reviews from previous patients and the best team of doctors. Dr. Esmail Visage is a highly sought-after plastic surgeon in Winnipeg who has treated over 1500 patients on different cosmetic treatments and procedures.

Top reasons to choose us for facial plastic surgery

Dr. Ali Esmail is Winnipeg's favorite plastic surgeon with over six years of specialized training in the field of facial plastic surgery. He is the first facial plastic surgeon in Winnipeg with a fellowship from the American Academy of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery.

Our doctor's attention to detail enables him to deliver nothing short of perfection, making us a leading name for facial plastic surgery in the country. We also offer great financing solutions for the desired treatment or procedure of your choice.

Are you a candidate for facial plastic surgery?

Anybody who is in good health is an ideal candidate for cosmetic surgery. If you suffer from health problems like diabetes, a bleeding disorder, heart conditions, depression, obesity, or high blood pressure, you may not qualify for the procedure.

Individuals who consume too much alcohol and smokers may need to undergo significant lifestyle changes if they wish to undergo cosmetic surgery. These habits can affect your body's ability to heal properly after surgery. Make sure to let your doctor know about the drugs, medications, vitamins, and herbal products you take before surgery to prevent complications and bleeding risks.

How to choose a facial plastic surgeon?

While undergoing cosmetic surgery can feel intimidating, once you find the right facial plastic surgeon for the job, the process can feel less troublesome and more reassuring. Here are the three vital qualities to look for in a facial plastic surgeon:

  1. Expertise – Make sure to go to a facial plastic surgeon certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery or the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada. Remember that plastic surgery is a complex medical specialty that requires the highest level of training and ongoing education. By entrusting your cosmetic treatment needs to a board-certified surgeon, you can rest assured knowing that you are in the hands of a skilled physician who will meet the safety requirements and deliver impeccable results.
  2. Experience – Ensure that the physician you are choosing has several years of experience performing the type of surgery you are considering. Choose a surgeon specializing in performing your specific cosmetic procedure and ask the doctor about how many of these procedures he performs in a given month. Only an experienced surgeon can deliver the desired results fast and safely.
  3. Exceptional results – If you are worried about the treatment or the risks, asking the doctor for 'before and after' pictures can reduce your anxiety. Look at least 5 – 6 examples of “after” photos of the previous patients taken a year post-surgery to feel more confident about the surgeon.

Get in touch with us at (204) 817-0909 to schedule an appointment with our plastic surgeon in Winnipeg. Visage is a leading cosmetic clinic in Winnipeg with an accomplished team of doctors and advanced beauty treatments at budget-friendly prices.

Plastic Surgeon In Winnipeg

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