Micro-needle Pen Fort Myers

Micro-needle Pen Fort Myers

Microneedling sounds like an intimidating  Fort Myers dermatology procedure when you consider the use of needles on delicate facial skin. The less popular bit is that it is highly beneficial and stimulates plenty of benefits to encourage collagen and thickening. We want you to know that the idea of inserting tiny needles into your skin is not as painful and scary as it sounds. Use the following guideline to understand what goes into the process.

What is micro-needling?

Fort Myers micro-needling uses many tiny needles to create minor injuries on the skin and create channels that encourage new cell growth. The process stimulates elastin and collagen and allows easy absorption of beneficial skincare ingredients.

Should you consider micro-needling?

Microneedling is a good treatment for anyone with dry, dull, and aged skin. It is also a good option for people who want their healthy-looking skin to glow because it has more collagen and absorbs products at least 200% faster. Essentially, there is no strict requirement for you to consider the micro-needle pen in Fort Myers.

The procedure is generally great for acne scarring because of its ability to stimulate new cell growth. We do not recommend scheduling the treatment if you have active cystic acne because the needles may aggravate infections and inflammation. It is also advisable to steer clear of the micro-needling if you have eczema, rosacea, and highly reactive sensitive skin.

How is the micro-needling process?

The micro-needling process begins before we start inserting the needles. We recommend coming to the session with bare skin to have an easy time cleaning it with the right products. We will focus on the problem areas and apply the correct pressure in the right direction for the best results. Our technician may use a serum or specific product before the treatment to feed the skin the right amount of moisture and nutrients while creating the microchannels. The serum will sit on the skin for up to one hour after treatment before applying another product. 

How often should you get micro-needling skin treatment?

Severe skin conditions can recover from treatment with one session per month for at least five to six consecutive months. The gaps between each treatment allow the skin to heal and patch up to a standard structure before re-inserting the needles for another round of collagen and elastin stimulation.

Does it hurt?

As stated earlier, micro-needling is not painful when we use a suitable numbing cream to minimize the pain. We do not notice any significant injury to the skin after the session but advise people on blood-thinning medication to wait a little longer until they are safe enough to try it.

How is the aftercare?

Microneedling in Fort Myers FL will give you sensitive skin; hence, you must be extremely careful not to hurt yourself and sever the recovery. Ensure you keep your body and skin hydrated by drinking enough water, using the recommended products, and avoiding exfoliation during recovery.

Are you curious about our micro-needling process and how it measures up? We were hoping you could book an appointment online today or contact the microneedling specialist in Fort Myers FL for more information.


Micro-needle Pen Fort Myers

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