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laser hair removal Jacksonville FL

At Hello Smooth, we offer laser hair removal in Jacksonville, FL, using the most advanced technology. With the lowest laser hair removal prices and the fastest, most reliable results, we are the best laser clinic for hair removal in Jacksonville.

How much is laser hair removal in Florida?

Laser hair removal procedures for medium and large areas can require more than one session, and treatment centers usually offer a comprehensive package for clients who need several sessions. On average, the cost of removing the hair in a small area can range between $50 and $80. Small treatment areas include the abdominal line, chin, upper/lower lip, eyebrows, sideburns, etc.

For treating a medium area, the cost can range between $100 and $800, and for a large area, it can fluctuate between $200 and $1300. Medium body areas include knees, underarms, neck front/back, and bikini 2″ out, and large body areas include full face, abdomen, chest/breast, legs, arms, etc. Full body laser hair removal usually ranges between $600 and $3600.

Can laser hair removal be done on ingrown hairs?

Yes, it is possible. Ingrown hairs often appear due to shaving as the cutting process causes your hair to grow into your skin.

Laser removal can help eliminate ingrown hairs by addressing the cause of the issue. The hair follicle will absorb the laser, which will destroy the follicle’s ability to produce hair. To remove ingrown hairs permanently, you will require a minimum of 8 sessions and up to 2 annual maintenance sessions. Each treatment helps reduce the follicle in size and makes the hair finer, lighter, and eventually causes it to disappear permanently.

Is laser hair removal permanent?

There is no relevant evidence to indicate that laser technology eliminates unwanted hair permanently. However, The US FDA states that laser technology can help with permanent hair removal if individuals undergo stable reduction over several sessions. A series of treatments is necessary for permanent results as different hair follicles can progress through various stages of growth, and it takes several sessions to target all the follicles in a specific area.

It is not uncommon to experience some hair regrowth during your treatment regime. Nevertheless, complete regrowth is extremely rare after laser treatment. Over 90% of our clients experience a permanent reduction in hair growth after a couple of our laser treatment sessions. For sustainable results, we recommend our clients to schedule 1-2 maintenance hair removal sessions every year.

Is laser hair removal safe?

We are one of the leading, licensed, and certified Jacksonville FL laser hair removal companies, and our laser hair reduction/removal procedures are 100% safe. All our laser technicians are experienced and highly skilled and offer hair removal procedures by employing the utmost safety precautions.

Are you getting ready for your beach vacation? Call our Jacksonville Beach laser hair removal today to evade your body hair issues once and for all. You can reach Hello Smooth at (904) 342-2383 or visit our website, and we can clarify your questions and concerns on laser hair removal in Jacksonville, FL.

laser hair removal Jacksonville FL

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laser hair removal Jacksonville FL

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