Dreadlocks Nanaimo

Dreadlocks Nanaimo

Tips on Dreadlocks in Nanaimo, BC

Having your dreadlocks installed professionally is the best way to guarantee that they turn out looking good 5 years down the road. If often takes many hours to have them put in – so why invest all that energy and put in the work to care for them only to end up with misshapen, uneven, weak, or splitting dreads.

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We commend the determination of the stay-at-home YouTube watcher who watches 4 or 5 videos’ and thinks “well how hard can it be”? And then a few hours in with sore shoulders and bleeding fingers they are wondering “why did I get myself into this?”/

What Does Dreadlocks Cost in North Nanaimo British Columbia?

For the best idea of how much to expect to pay for a dreadlock installation, contact us for a quote. On average, expect to sit for between 7-11 hours. Generally speaking this time passes by very fast…just a movie or two, some good music, and interesting conversations make session easy to get through. As there can sometimes be a little pain or discomfort to the scalp, distractions can be the best medicine – so if you have a favorite book that you are working on, a paper you need to work on for your college class, or a friend that you'd like to have along for company and someone to pass the time with – these are all welcome and encouraged for your time here with us.

How Do You Get The Best Dreadlocks in Naniamo?

Simply give Adam from Island Locks a call at (250) 802-8760 and he will provide and estimate and guidance on the best way to make your dreadlocks installation a success.

Dreadlocks Nanaimo

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Dreadlocks Nanaimo

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